The New GMC Yukon… on a race track!

Beirut, September4th, 2014: Rasamny-Younis Motor Company S.A.L. (RYMCO), exclusive distributor of GMC in Lebanon organized an exceptional Test Driving event at the new RPM track in Mteinon September 4th. Over 100inviteesfrom journalists, media representatives, bloggers and others from the automotive industryjoined the entertaining event.

Guestswere invited to test drive theall new 2015 Yukon on the new RPM Track in Mtein; one of the biggest and most professional tracks in the Middle East. The experience ofdriving the Yukon, such a big size vehicle on a closed track while enjoying the touch and feel was remarkable.

Drivers also enjoyed the luxurious space of the Yukon. Inside, Yukon's precisely crafted interior features a quiet cabin, authentic materials and premium infotainment choices.The exteriors are sleeker and more aerodynamic, enhancing efficiency on the highway and contributing to the new Yukon's quiet ride. The all-new Yukon family is more powerful and efficient than before.

"Weare very delighted to have you here today at this exclusive event and we are proud to introduce the new 2015 GMC Yukon at RYMCO's family.We brought you here today because we are certain that the new Yukon is a pleasure to drive on any road you choose, even on a racing track", said Fayez C. Rasamny, Chairman of RYMCO

After driving the incredible Yukon and enjoyingsome fast karting laps, all invitees gathered over a barbeque brunch on site. RYMCO always makes sure to provide unique yet entertaining experiences to build more confidence in its vehicles while introducing the latest technology from the motor industry.